SERVAS — travel and hosting for friendship and peace
The famous boat Af Chapman is a STF/IYHF hostel located in the city centre of Stockholm on the island Skeppsholmen.
The history of Servas
In 1949, an American conscientious objector, Bob Luitweiler, and his friends started a peace movement in Denmark which they called ”Peacebuilders”. They wanted to work actively for peace by building contacts with other peace organisations around the world. They formed the basis whereby people could travel, work together and learn, and stay in each other's homes irrespective of national, religious or cultural background.
The movement quickly spread in many countries and in 1972, Servas Inter­national was started and registered in Switzerland. In 1973, the United Nations added Servas to its list of affiliated non-government organisations.
After more than 60 years, Servas continues to grow and at every inter­national conference, new countries are added to the list. Click here for a full list of Servas countries.
Servas Sweden
c/o Eva Hartman-Juhlin
Svankärrsvägen 3B
756 53 UPPSALA
Swish: 123 223 42 01
Plusgiro: 94 61 90 - 6
National secretary
Eva Hartman-Juhlin