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How does Servas work?
As a member of Servas you can be a host and/or a traveller.
The basic rules are that as a host you can be contacted by a traveller who wishes to visit you. You can then choose whether or not to invite the traveller into your home for two nights. There is no obligation and you can choose not to accept travellers without giving any reasons. As a host you should be willing to spend time with your guests. If you cannot offer overnight accommodation you can offer to be a day-host which means offering them information and travel tips and doing things together during the daytime only.
As a traveller you will have access to the host-lists for the countries you wish to visit. These lists give you lots of information about the hosts, e.g. how many persons they can accommodate, their interests, how to contact them, etc. Please remember that it is the host who decides whether or not you can stay with them. When you travel with Servas you will receive a ”Letter of Introduction” which shows that you are an approved Servas member. You must show this document to your host as soon as you arrive at their home. You will normally stay for two nights and you are expected to spend time with your host. You may not ask to stay longer than two nights, but your host may offer to let you stay longer if it is suitable.
Servas Sweden
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