SERVAS — travel and hosting for friendship and peace
A forest in Blekinge
What is Servas?
Servas is an international organisation that has no economic, religious or political interests and is based on the principles of understanding, tolerance and world peace. Servas has more than 15 000 hosts all over the world who freely welcome Servas travellers into their homes and only require an interesting exchange of ideas and experiences.
The aim of Servas is to increase understanding between different peoples and cultures. Mahatma Gandhi beautifully expressed this idea when he said:
"With every true friendship we build more firmly the foundations
on which the peace of the whole world rests."
Servas was started in 1949 and is still growing. Today there are members in over 135 countries. Each country has its own organisation of unpaid volunteers and there is also the Servas International organisation which guarantees global cooperation between the member countries.
Servas Sweden
c/o Eva Hartman-Juhlin
Svankärrsvägen 3B
756 53 UPPSALA
Swish: 123 223 42 01
Plusgiro: 94 61 90 - 6
National secretary
Eva Hartman-Juhlin