SERVAS — travel and hosting for friendship and peace
Welcome to Servas Sweden
Welcome to Servas!
 ♦ Are you inquisitive, considerate and open-minded?
 ♦ Do you like meeting new people?
 ♦ Do you like travelling?
Then Servas might be just the thing for you!
Servas is a different way to travel and meet new people. Through Servas you have the possibility to meet Servas hosts, their families and friends and take part in their daily lives. Servas encourages one to get to know different people and cultures in depth and with more understanding than is possible as a normal tourist. Today there are more than 15 000 Servas hosts in over 135 countries who would love to open their homes to you.
Servas is built on mutual trust. You should be open-minded, considerate and interested in meeting new people and you should be willing to share your own experiences and interests. Read more about Servas...
Servas Sweden
c/o Eva Hartman-Juhlin
Svankärrsvägen 3B
756 53 UPPSALA
Swish: 123 223 42 01
Plusgiro: 94 61 90 - 6
National secretary
Eva Hartman-Juhlin