SERVAS — travel and hosting for friendship and peace
Servas Hosts meet Servas Traveler. New friends - Servas brings people together
What does it cost?
Servas is a voluntary organistaion and all work is unpaid. However, even voluntary work needs money and to pay for the organisation's expenses we have the following fees:
Fees 2012 - New fee system
♦ An annual fee for all members of SEK 100 per household, per year.
♦ Servas travellers pay a travellers fee that covers one year from the date
   of issue of your Letter of Introduction: SEK 400 per person.
   The travellers fees include the cost of host-lists.
♦ Servas hosts pay a lower travellers fee of SEK 300 per person.
♦ You should never pay anything to the hosts that you visit.
Servas Sweden
c/o Eva Hartman-Juhlin
Svankärrsvägen 3B
756 53 UPPSALA
Swish: 123 223 42 01
Plusgiro: 94 61 90 - 6
National secretary
Eva Hartman-Juhlin