SERVAS — travel and hosting for friendship and peace
Great Skiing in Idre, Dalarna, in the middle of Sweden
To be a member of Servas
As a Servas member you will become a part of a huge international network of hosts and travellers. You can choose to be a host and/or a traveller. In other words, you do not have to accept guests if this is not suitable.
As a Servas host, it will be possible for you to receive travellers from all over the world. Normally you will offer them accommodation for two nights and it is you who decides whether or not to accept guests at the time in question. As a host you should be willing to spend time with your guests, so that the visit will be a pleasant experience for both you and your guests.
When you travel with Servas you will have the opportunity to meet people and take part in their daily lives and home environment. This is a unique experience that leads to a better understanding of the different peoples and cultures in the countries that you visit.
You are most welcome to become a member of Servas, which is an organisation that hopes to promote peace by helping different peoples learn about each other's lives and living conditions.
Servas Sweden
c/o Eva Hartman-Juhlin
Svankärrsvägen 3B
756 53 UPPSALA
Swish: 123 223 42 01
Plusgiro: 94 61 90 - 6
National secretary
Eva Hartman-Juhlin