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Midnight Driving at Lapporten, Abisko, Lappland, North of Sweden
Information from Servas Sweden
Servas Sweden has 273 hosts that would welcome you with open doors and make your visit exciting and unforgetable. Welcome to Sweden!
Each host offers hospitality for two days so that you have a chance to get to know each other. One night is too short to fulfil the Servas idea. Never ask your host if you may stay longer, rather you should wait and see if the host invites you.
If you're travelling in mid June to mid August, you may have difficulties finding hosts due to summer holidays.
Hand your valid Letter of introduction to your host when you arrive (not a copy). Ask for special home rules, offer to help your host with housework and be sensitive to family, local and national customs. Be prepared to leave the home together with the host if not appointed differently.
Here is some general information about Sweden. Swedes take off outdoor shoes when they enter a home and they are generally very punctual. Swedes believe in equality, men and women share the household work. Smoking is improper in many homes. Never smoke without asking. All tap water is drinkable. The restaurants often have special cheap rate for lunch.
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